Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

A sad clip

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Secret is Out.. I am Really a Matthew MarshMallow

Hi there, This is Stewie here... AKA Skye, and well, I'm here to say that while I did have some folks fooled for a little while,... I guess I'll surrender.
The truth leaked out... and YEP, I am a Sweeeet Heart!

This is a little clip to show that I can and do settle down and I am quite civilized... see I don't even pester my older foster brother when we walk...

Stewies Last Stand

Stewart Big took his trip back to his familiar surroundings at the shelter very well... but his "big" heart broke ours to see him leave.

He just didn't fit in our cramped quarters.
I am so sure he would be a perfect gentleman and fantastic friend to the right people/person.

Please... do not let his gregarious "shelter" greeting misguide you!

Stewie (Skye at the shelter amd Stewart Big in our hearts) is a little nutty in his initial "Hello" greeting!

My jaw hit the shelter floor and my teen daughter sank into the cage door behind her and doubled over with laughter--(partly out of shock, partly because she was bowled over at the hilarity of his reaction to us ! (and mine to him) ;) He acts like a nut... not sure why...maybe he's testing us?? In any case, it's only an act (as you'll see from the video posted of us walking him (above)

It was quite a unique greeting. I think Stewie has things a little mixed up... or perhaps he's making sure the right folks are gonna get him!? All I do now for sure is that he longs to be loved.
He is eager to please and on the submissive side. He simply needs Consistency and a Firm Voice of Authority... not tyranny and anger to be sure...

...I fear that he would be ruined by that.

He wants to be loved and appreciated as surely as he shows his appreciation for all that is done for him!

He is a big sweet marshmallow!

He got on well with our other pets.
We have a cat and my 10 y/o terrier mix. Hobbes--(the dog) just ignored him and Katy Von(Kitty) kept her distance, though she was beginning to warm up to him after a few days...
All in all, Stewie is a great potential pal for the right folks who desire a beautiful animal who'se already housebroken, partially trained, decent on a lead, polite... not too rambunctious... but liking to play,...

He's a formidable protector on walks!

He's male a super watchdog for the kiddos as well!

Not to mention, he is a
He is a really sharp cookie!... and a gentle soul.

He is a great find for the right ozzies! He needs poeple who can commit to him... and keep in in stock of a lot of chewie toys!

Stewart Big

in a hurry...

"Ooops, gotta go!"

Stewie /AKA Skye making himself at home on a basement couch.. (he's not picky about the comforter print ;)

Stewie adores his chewie bones!

Oh my!... what exuberence!

~You can't tell he has enjoys a good romp and game fetch can you?!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Skye, AKA Stewart Big, AKA "Stewie" a hopeful and appreciative pooch... on a trial run in a prospective new home, (ours)

Stewie (formerly Skye) found this basement couch a comfy bed...(and he said he didn't even mind the flowers on the comforter!) He was just cozy-ing in and seemingly content...
He definately "loves" chew bones, in fact Stewie loves chew toys of any kind!
~Stewie also had a quirky little habit of getting up in the morning and grabbing anything laying around and carrying it with him as he paced the house.
He never damaged anything, nor did he try to... he just liked to have something of ours with him!

He would "drop it" when told firmly... He did everything he was told to do,
in fact... He is a wonderful dog, obedient, submissive, really smart...and longing to please...

He seemed to want to take ownership... to feel like he belonged.
Problem was, he kept pacing... there was not enough room to go far... he was getting a bit stir crazy

This is Skye (by now, Stewie) a bit overwhelmed... his first day at our house. We went for a long walk to help him relax... He does look spent!

We just love this dog. We were so sad to have to let him go. Our mistake was to bring him home during a stressful time, and not being prepared for the committment a big dog brings entails. He is such an excellent dog... he walked so well with the leash, he wasn't aggressive with the other pets... he was just perfect. We were the trouble. Stewie deserves a home with a heart to match his own... BIG!